G::Str Member List

This is the complete list of members for G::Str, including all inherited members.

escape(std::string &, const std::string &specials, char escape= '\\')G::Str [static]
escaped(const std::string &, const std::string &specials, char escape= '\\')G::Str [static]
fromBool(bool b)G::Str [static]
fromDouble(double d)G::Str [static]
fromInt(int i)G::Str [static]
fromLong(long l)G::Str [static]
fromShort(short s)G::Str [static]
fromUInt(unsigned int ui)G::Str [static]
fromULong(unsigned long ul)G::Str [static]
fromUShort(unsigned short us)G::Str [static]
head(const std::string &in, std::string::size_type pos, const std::string &default_=std::string())G::Str [static]
isNumeric(const std::string &s, bool allow_minus_sign=false)G::Str [static]
isPrintableAscii(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
isUInt(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
isULong(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
isUShort(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
join(const Strings &strings, const std::string &sep)G::Str [static]
join(const StringArray &strings, const std::string &sep)G::Str [static]
keys(const StringMap &string_map)G::Str [static]
lower(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
printable(const std::string &in, char escape= '\\')G::Str [static]
readLineFrom(std::istream &stream, const std::string &eol=std::string())G::Str [static]
readLineFrom(std::istream &stream, const std::string &eol, std::string &result, bool pre_erase_result=true)G::Str [static]
removeAll(std::string &, char)G::Str [static]
replace(std::string &s, const std::string &from, const std::string &to, size_type *pos_p=NULL)G::Str [static]
replaceAll(std::string &s, const std::string &from, const std::string &to)G::Str [static]
replaceAll(std::string &s, const char *from, const char *to)G::Str [static]
size_type typedefG::Str
splitIntoFields(const std::string &in, Strings &out, const std::string &seperators, char escape= '\0', bool discard_bogus_escapes=true)G::Str [static]
splitIntoFields(const std::string &in, StringArray &out, const std::string &seperators, char escape= '\0', bool discard_bogus_escapes=true)G::Str [static]
splitIntoTokens(const std::string &in, Strings &out, const std::string &ws)G::Str [static]
splitIntoTokens(const std::string &in, StringArray &out, const std::string &ws)G::Str [static]
tail(const std::string &in, std::string::size_type pos, const std::string &default_=std::string())G::Str [static]
tailMatch(const std::string &in, const std::string &ending)G::Str [static]
toBool(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toDouble(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toInt(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toLong(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toLower(std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toPrintableAscii(char c, char escape= '\\')G::Str [static]
toPrintableAscii(const std::string &in, char escape= '\\')G::Str [static]
toShort(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toUInt(const std::string &s, bool limited=false)G::Str [static]
toULong(const std::string &s, bool limited=false)G::Str [static]
toUpper(std::string &s)G::Str [static]
toUShort(const std::string &s, bool limited=false)G::Str [static]
trim(std::string &s, const std::string &ws)G::Str [static]
trimLeft(std::string &s, const std::string &ws, size_type limit=0U)G::Str [static]
trimmed(const std::string &s, const std::string &ws)G::Str [static]
trimRight(std::string &s, const std::string &ws, size_type limit=0U)G::Str [static]
upper(const std::string &s)G::Str [static]
wrap(std::string text, const std::string &prefix_first_line, const std::string &prefix_subsequent_lines, size_type width=70U)G::Str [static]
ws()G::Str [static]

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